Biotics Research  -  #17
The Orthotic Group  -  #5
PrimeKinetix / PostureMedic  -  #3&4
CryoDerm  -  #1&2
ChiroWrite  -  #16
Microbiome Labs  -  #34
Shuster & Saben LLC  -  #6
International College of Health Sciences  -  #18
ChiroPlanet  -  #33
Rapid Release Technology  -  #32
Ovadia Law Group  -  #37
Florida Independent Medical Review, Inc  -  #36
Functional Evaluation Testing of Florida  -  #15
Pure Science Lab  -  #31

​JMS Med Supply - #35

Prestige Products Direct/Triad Aer  -  # 13&14

ChiroMatrix  -  #30

​BMS Great Lakes  -  #7

​LightForce Therapy Lasers by LiteCure Medical  -  #8

Chi's Enterprise, Inc  -  #19

Quantum Merchant Services  -  #29

Safe Connect Plus  -  #21

First Alternatives/AVAZZIA  -  #25

​Pharmanex  -  #9

​Florida Advocates  -  #28

Baxter & Associated  - #27

Accucode Billing Services  -  #12

Medical Wave  -  #22

Best Used Gym Equipment  -  #9

Alternative Products  - #26

Please be advised that the official link for room reservation is available here and no other company is authorized to represent FCPA nor would they have access to officially contracted hotel room blocks or rates on behalf of FCPA and should be avoided.

If you are contacted by anyone other than the usual FCPA staff who claim to be a partner of FCPA  please e-mail us at or call 407 409 7291.

To purchase a space at our Vendor Expo complete the form below and select Submit.  


Businesses due to exhibit at our Ft Lauderdale December 2nd - 3rd, 2017​

Vendor Expo at theFt Lauderdale Marriott North Hotel

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our next Vendor Expo is scheduled for December 2nd-3rd, 2017

at the Ft Lauderdale Marriott North Hotel

Please be advised only table top displays will be suitable for this event.

For Vendor Layout Expo December 2017

please click here

   Vendor Fee  $700

Payment Button

includes 6x2' draped table, two chairs and electricity

Vendor set-up starts in the evening on Friday December 1st after 5pm

and break-down is on Sunday late afternoon.

The attendees will be scanning for attendance in the main Vendor Area ensuring every booth great exposure.  ​  

For additional Hotel Information, i.e. shipping etc please call our hotel contact:

Lisa Katz or954 334 9240

Please make sure to follow the shipping instructions to avoid additional charges or packages being lost due to incorrect/missing information on the boxes.

 Shipping and receiving information:
1.       The hotel does not assume responsibility for storage of boxes received more than five (5) days prior to the scheduled meeting/program
2.       Packages must be received during regular business hours: Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 6:30pm and Saturday & Sunday 7:30a – 3:30pm
3.       All boxes must be labeled with group name, date of program, group on-site contact as well as the Catering or Convention Service Manager (Lisa Katz) in charge of your meeting/group.
4.       After your event, any boxes to be shipped out of the hotel must be properly packaged and labeled with shipping address, return address and method of payment on your departure date. 

Package Handling and Fees: 
1.       Charges incurred shall be applied to the receiver of material, thus applied to either an individual guest room account/folio or Group Master Account. These charges cover the cost of labor, processing, receiving, tracking, storing, and delivering.
2.       The price for receiving will be based on pounds and will include storage. If storage exceeds 3 days $25 per item, per day storage fee will apply. The weights will be taken off FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS shipping labels. On rare occasions, packages may originate from another source without weight information. In these cases, weights will be determined by the hotel’s scale.
3.       Inbound Package Handling Fees – are as follows:
·             0 to 5 pounds $15.00
·             6 to 20 pounds $20.00
·             21 to 50 pounds $25.00
·             Over 50 Pounds $35.00
·             Trunk $80.00
·             Crate $100.00
·             Pallets $125.00
·             Outbound Package Handling Fees - $15.00 each box$15.00, $30 each crate, trunk, or pallet

For any additional information please contact us at 

To purchase a space at our seminar complete the registration form and click Submit; then return to this page and select the Vendor Fee button to use your credit card or send a check to:
5721 Padgett Circle 
Orlando , FL 32839

No space is reserved or secured until paid in full. 

Vendor spaces will be limited due to the hotel space.