More Vendor Exposure, National and Florida Statewide, Easy and Very Affordable

The FCPA has entered a new age in our quest to advance the laws of chiropractic. 

We have set up a campaign which you can be a part of; designed to address every DC in Florida and the nation.  We want you to play a part in this campaign.

What are we doing?

We are offering to our vendors the opportunity to join us while we update our supporters of our progress and as we solicit donations to help fund our legislative agenda.  Sounds boring doesn't it?  Well it will not be.  This will prove to be a great opportunity for vendors to get the exposure they need for a very low price. Prices start as low as $100 and top out at $500 for a year of advertising.  As usual the FCPA respects your support and will continue to offer great exposure at a very low cost.

How can you benefit as a vendor?

For a small donation, as low as $100, you will be listed and promoted for a year in our national news letters very often that are sent to 47,000 DCs 3-4 times a week, listed on our website, listed in our member news update blasts, have a special mention during our seminars and be featured in our seminar brochure.

You will get the exposure you need and deserve for almost no cost to you.  

For example of what will be blasted in many of our publications all over, many, many times throughout the year please visit our Donations/Lobbyist page at

There are no contracts or committments.

Thanks you,


More Exposure at the FCPA The Nationwide Winter CE Seminar February 14th - 16th, 2020

We have some promotional opportunities available for all:

At the check in desk we will give each attendee a shopping bag of goodies... and you can put your samples, flyers etc in the bag too… Cost $150

Do you have a banner with your company's name on it? If yes Would you like to put it somewhere from your vendor space ? That would be located in a visible place like the hallway leading to the convention area... Cost $100 per display banner

Front page endorsement exposure.  We can endorse your company on our front page of our seminar handout… Cost $100

You can also have a full page advertisement in our Seminar handout for a small contribution of $250 if you are unable to participate; and only $150 for registered vendors.

Plus we will put one of our proposed law change Brochure in the bag.  Most DCs want the brochure and might take it home with them.  They cost $400 to print.  Again if you want a spot on the back we can offer that for half our cost or $200.