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Attorney Abe Ovadia, "PIP Claims,  We Do It Best"   

Abe is a great supporter and our members should know him by now.

CryoDerm Supports the FCPA.... The Pain Reliever Chiropractors Trust.

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Baxter and Associates  Your stop for OUM Malpractice Insurance. Offering special discounted rates to CPAA/FCPA members.

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If… you treat patients with Visco-Supplements, “Stem Cells” or other injectables or medical supplies
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Chiropractor and Attorney. DR. Guy S. DiMartino, DC, JD  Florida Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer - Guy has helped the FCPA for years. 

Call him for almost anything and tell him Rod sent you.  

NEED EMC's?  Only $75.00 (Lowest Price in Florida) Services Provided by: Frank Paiano, DO, FACOI
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We Support the FCPA/CPAA: 

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Let Shuster & Saben have your back when it comes to PIP denials, reductions & cut offs

Landau & Associates

You dedicate your medical practice to helping others. We dedicate our practice to helping you improve your cash flow.

Florida Advocates Atty Russel Lazega  "EMC/PIP denial?" We literally wrote the book on PIP." 

Russel has been a good FCPA supporter for years now. 

Need Malpractice Insurance?

We love it, You Being A Sponsor... All Sponsors Are Dear To Us, Since We Are Truly A Non-Profit Association With No High Level Paid Employees... We Put Your "Every Penny" To Good Use, No Questions Asked.   And In Return For Your Payment We Offer A Few Ways We Can Help You.    

Besides "BLASTING" Your Message To Nearly 25% Of Every Chiropractor In The World in our Email News Letters Almost Daily... you can choose one of our other SPONSOR/Advertiser options if blasting does not appeal to you.  Please see below for each... 
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You can purchase a booth space at one of our seminars at a very reasonable price and personally speak to our members. The price depends on the events location.  This includes one 6x2 draped table, 2 chairs and electricity.

We have other options also, like, for instance, sponsoring a party during one of our seminars.  We would announce your involvement/sponsorship of anything that you are sponsoring during our seminar in numerous emails prior to our seminar and generate interest for your product that way.

We can hang banners at our seminars.  We can do almost anything you can imagine, so if you have an idea let us know and we will work with you.

And if you are interested please do not forget we need good speakers at our seminars.  If you know of someone in your organization that is  interested in speaking, please let us know, but remember we only "want advanced thinking" topics. 
Be adventurous and tell us how we can help you and what it is worth to your organization.  We will work with you.  We are the FCPA and that means were are here for a specific reason; to advance the DC to a higher level, not to steal your wallet.