FREE Dinner for DCs & Meet Rep Shevrin "Shev" Jones & FCPA Lobbyist Ron Watson

Free FCPA Political Dinner
Come and meet House of Representatives Shevrin "Shev" Jones with Ron Watson, FCPA Lobbbyist... and the FCPA
Florida licensed DCs.  
Limited to 50 so register today!!! 
Call us at 407 409 7291 to confirm your participation or email us at in the subject put "Dinner RSVP"

Visit Shev at:

Send him an Email:

The FREE Dinner... 
Where?  Mojo's Restaurant in Ft Lauderdale

When?  June 12th, 2018,  Time: 6-9pm
Why?  As a pro advancement DC you asked us to get a better law and said you would help us do it.
Here is Why... And we need your help to do it. 
The time to start is now.  I have been waiting for 45 years to see it happen.  And finally the time has arrived. It's happening now. Join us and come and meet Shev. 
Come and help us now... 
The FCPA is needs your help now.  Come and attend the FREE Dinner donated by 
Econologics Financial Advisors 


Florida DC FREE.
Spouses $40.

Luz 407 409 7291
Now please. 

This is a political dinner.  A minimum of $30 is suggested for his campaign.  $500 limit please.  Can't attend, No problem.  Send a check anyway to FCPA. Checks only.  Campaign contributions are not tax deductible 

Checks to be made out to Shevrin Jones Campaign Fund