FCPA in Tallahassee @ the Capitol

Hello again FCPA members! As a reminder, my name is Ron Watson and I was recently hired to represent the FCPA before both the Legislature and the Board of Chiropractic Medicine. I have learned a lot about your profession already and am excited to learn more so I can effectively keep fighting for you. Please come talk to me and share your thoughts.

The 2018 Legislative Session started on January 9 instead of the normal beginning in March.  We have hit the ground running with bills and amendments having already passed, while some others are still pending. Some changes are good for you and some pretty bad.  Below are some of the highlights:

  • Vitamin C is Vitamin C regardless of route of administration. We have drafted and shopped an amendment to clearly authorize properly trained chiropractic physicians to have full nutritional rights.

  • We have passed an amendment to the Senate PIP repeal in regards to including chiropractic physicians in the newly created $5,000 Med Pay provisions. Still working on the House.

  • We have ensured chiropractic physicians are included in the direct primary care bills in both the House and Senate.

Remember the ole saying,” No man’s life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session!” The 2018 session is set to end on March 9th and I will be watching your back every step of the way.

Get to “Know Your Legislator”!

In the Florida Legislature, there are 40 Senators and 120 Representatives. Below are the members of the two major healthcare committees in each respective chamber and what city the legislator’s main office is located within.

Creating a relationship with every legislator is important; however, the below legislators regularly vote on topics directly impacting chiropractic issues! (Click on their names for additional information)

Senate Committee on Health Policy

Senator Dana D. Young [R]                           Tampa
Tallahassee             (850) 487-5018                                   District     (813) 281-5507

Vice Chair:

Senator Kathleen Passidomo [R]               Naples
Tallahassee             (850) 487-5028                                    District     (239) 417-6205

Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto [R]               Ft. Myers
Tallahassee            (850) 487-5027                                     District      (239) 338-2570
(Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto is a newly added member.)

Senator Lauren Book [D]                              Plantation
Tallahassee            (850) 487-5032                                     District      (954) 424-6674

Senator Dorothy L.  Hukill [R]                    Port Orange
Tallahassee             (850) 487-5014                                     District      (386) 304-7630

Senator Travis Hutson [R]                           Palm Coast
Tallahassee              (850) 487-5007                                    District      (386) 446-7610

Senator Bill Montford [D]                             Tallahassee
Tallahassee              (850) 487-5003                                    District       (850) 487-5003

Senator Bobby Powell [D]                             West Palm Beach
Tallahassee              (850) 487-5030                                    District       (561) 650-6880

House Health & Human Services Committee


Cummings, W. Travis [R]                             Orange Park

Tallahassee              (850) 717-5018                                    District     (904) 278-5761

Vice Chair:

Santiago, David [R]                                       Deltona 

Tallahassee               (850) 717-5027                                   District     (386) 575-0387

Democratic Ranking Member:

DuBose, Bobby B. [D]                                    Ft. Lauderdale

Tallahassee               (850) 717-5094                                   District      (954) 467-4206

Rep. Kamia Brown [D]                                  Ocoee
Tallahassee               (850) 717-5045                                   District      (407) 905-3806

Berman, Lori [D]                                             Boynton Beach
Tallahassee               (850) 717-5090                                   District      (561) 374-7850 

Brodeur, Jason T. [R]                                     Sanford
Tallahassee               (850) 717-5028                                   District      (407) 302-4800 

Burton, Colleen [R]                                         Lakeland
Tallahassee               (850) 717-5040                                   District      (863) 413-2640

Davis, Tracie [D]                                              Jacksonville
Tallahassee               (850) 717-5013                                   District      (904) 353-2180

Grant, James "J.W." [R]                                Tampa
Tallahassee               (850) 717-5064                                   District      (813) 265-6272

Grant, Michael [R]                                          Port Charlotte
Tallahassee                (850) 717-5075                                  District      (941) 613-0914

Hardemon, Roy [D]                                        Miami
Tallahassee                (850) 717-5108                                  District      (305) 795-1224

Harrell, Gayle B. [R]                                       Stuart
Tallahassee                (850) 717-5083                                  District      (772) 221-4011

Magar, MaryLynn "ML" [R]                      Hobe Sound
Tallahassee                (850) 717-5082                                  District      (772) 545-3481

Massullo, MD, Ralph E. [R]                         Beverly Hills
Tallahassee                (850) 717-5034                                  District      (352) 527-4510

Pigman, Cary [R]                                              Sebring
Tallahassee                (850) 717-5055                                  District      (863) 386-6000

Silvers, David [D]                                             West Palm Beach
Tallahassee                (850) 717-5087                                  District      (561) 357-4824

Stevenson, Cyndi [R]                                      St. Augustine
Tallahassee                (850) 717-5017                                   District     (904) 823-2300

White, Frank [R]                                               Pensacola
Tallahassee                (850) 717-5002                                   District     (850) 595-0467

Williams, Patricia H. [D]                                Ft. Lauderdale
Tallahassee                (850) 717-5092                                  District      (954) 202-3201

Yarborough, Clay [R]                                       Jacksonville
Tallahassee                (850) 717-5012                                  District      (904) 723-5300