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Classes are for viewing only and subject to change without prior notice.

CE Classes are Approved by Florida

Important information for all attendees
At the seminar: Upon completion of the hours you have to fill out the CE Voucher form, hand it over at the check-in desk.
After the seminar: All hours for FL licenses will uploaded to CE Broker, you should be able to print a report from your account.
Since the FL CEUs have to be reported electronically we do not provide the confirmation letters.

The group rates are available 3 days before and 3 day after the main event in case you wish to arrive early or stay longer.
here for the online group discount reservation or send an email to, if you wish you can contact the hotel directly at +1-407-396-1400 indicating you are part of the FCPA February 2020 event when booking your room. The group block will be offered until January 24th, 2020 and it is subject to availability.
Please book early to avoid disappointment.

(Interim name Days by Wyndham Celebration)

5 Credits or less                                       $100

​Up to 26 Credits

​​November - December                         $175
January - February                                $200

Practice Management Classes

Offering 26 CEUs over three days 6 hours on Friday (1pm - 6:50pm), 10 hours on Saturday (8am - 6:50pm)

and 10 hours on Sunday (8am - 6:40pm) for the state of Florida 
(Some states only allow 8 hours per day of instruction. It is your responsibility to check your state rules.)

CE Classes Approved by Florida

Click here for Class Schedules. CEU credited classes and Non Credited Money Making Classes.

Both are FREE. Up to 26 Credits $175
Classes are for viewing only and subject to change without prior notice.

All core classes will be offered including HIV/AIDS and Acupuncture. 
We will be offering classes for CE for CCPAs


Brent Baldasare DC
Entrepreneur, Chiropractor, Master Coach
Paul Jaskoviak BS, DC, Dipl Med Ac, FIMA, DACAN, CCSP, FICC
Chiropractic Educator, Researcher & Author
R. Ernest Cohn MD, NMD, DC, FACO
James J. Lehman DC, FACO, DABCO
University of Bridgeport
Jeffrey Langmaid DC
Founder of the Evidence Based Chiropractor
Paul S Inselman DC
​Business Develpment Expert

Brian Koslow

​Entrepreneur, Author and Coach

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​​FREE FCPA Shuster & Saben The Nationwide Winter Seminar
Orlando, FL February 14th - 16th

Wyndham Celebration Resort, Kissimmee, FL

3011 Maingate Lane, Kissimmee, FL, 34747

Important notice for Florida Licensees with Multiple Licenses and/or ACBN
The processing fee for your FL License is included in the seminar price. FL CEUs have to be reported electronically and will be uploaded to CE Broker (no confirmation letter).
There is a $35 processing fee for any additional licenses/ACBN which includes the confirmation letter of your hours.

​​Among others we will be offering the following classes:

Dr Paul Goodkin  - "Spinal Impairment Ratings"
Learning to apply the updated 6th Edition to assign injured patients an accurate impairment rating

Required to be taken once by January 1st 2021
Dr John Davenport  - "Human Trafficking: 101"

An overview of the trafficking problem, as well as training participants on identifying, reporting and assisting trafficking victims. The 1 hour lecture will explain the International and intra-national consequences of Human trafficking, promote awareness to identify the potential signs of Human trafficking and how physicians can get involved in the fight against human trafficking.

Dr Glenn Corkins - "Vitamin C is Vitamin C no Matter How you See it but there is More to the Story"
The primary focus of the course is to discuss the role Vitamin C has in achieving and maintaining optimal health throughout one’s life span. Focus will also be given to role Vitamin C can play in the chiropractic profession

Ronald E. Cohn, MD, NMD, DC, FACO - "Principles and Practice of Evaluating and Contributions of Chiropractic Care for the Cancer Diagnosed Patient"
The doctor taking this 4 hour program will review common cancers they were exposed to in Chiropractic College, aspects of proper evaluation of these cancers and patients along with both conventional and integrative approaches in the treatment of these cancers

James J. Lehman DC, FACO, DABCO - "Statin Myopathy: A common Cause of Chronic Pain"
This class will discuss the statin myopathy dilemma as it pertains to the patient presentation to the chiropractic clinician. This is an opportunity to become familiar with the best current evidence in the literature that discusses the adverse reactions to statins. The ethical and legal management of statin myopathy patients will be offered with an engaged learning activity.

Thomas L. McKnight, MD, MPH, MDIV - "Genetic Health in Primary Prevention"
20th century genetics dealt with disease. 21st century genetics deals with sustaining health by mitigating genetic risk for disease. The course will cover a brief review of DNA then introduce epigenetics and nutrigenomics in a primary prevention model.

Ali M Jafari DC, FACC
"First Aid, Nutritional Healing and Cures"
A self care guide for treating health problems with natural remedies including diet and nutrition and nutritional supplants and more

Paul Jaskoviak BS, DC, Dipl Med Ac, FIMA, DACAN, CCSP, FICC
"Acupuncture: Mater Points and
the Management of Musculoskeletal Complaints"

Hale E. Hedley JD, MD
"Extremity Injury Cases in the Emergency Department: Recognize what was Missed & Enhance Patient Care in the Office Setting"

James Waslaski, LMT and Steven Lund, DC
"Kinetic Chain Patterns Causing Complicated Knee Conditions Including Ascending Syndromes & Total Body Lesions"
Manual Therapists will thoroughly understand why over 90% of knee pain comes from the foot and hip. Thorough Gait Analysis, Functional Movement Screening, and thorough Orthopedic Assessment, this seminar will show therapists how a high arch or flat foot will cause the loss of the normal stirrup spring system.

Don C. Carlock Jr. DC
"Chiropractic Beyond the Spine - Treatment Selection to Maximize Clinical Outcomes for Upper and Lower Limb Complaints"
This course will focus on incorporating, Manual Methods, Class IV laser, Kinesio Taping, IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation), Extremity Manipulation, PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) as an effective treatment protocol for most non-surgical upper and lower limb neuromuskuloskeletal conditions. 

James Cima DC
"Blood Chemistry Evaluation and Nutritional Protocol"
The course purpose is to enhance the doctors’ ability to utilize blood chemistry analysis when determining nutritional recommendations for his/her patient.

Edmund Brundell DC
"Chiropractors as Department of Transportation & Federal Aviation Agency Medical Examiners"
Introduce to the physician the regulatory guidelines required by the DOT and FAA allowing chiropractic physicians to perform the duties of Medical Examiners for these agencies.

Jeffrey Moss, DDS, CNS, DACBN
"Assessment and Clinical Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome"
Despite its prevalence, there continues to exist much confusion and divergent opinions on underlying causes, patient assessment and clinical management. In this presentation, the most current research on causation will be presented. Then, based on the most current understanding of causation, methods of assessment and treatment, with a focus on lifestyle changes and supplemental protocols that are practical, cost effective, and highly efficacious, will be discussed.