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The FCPA is a not for profit organization that is dedicated to the expansion of every DC's rights to practice as they wish, whether they are a philosophically based DCs or a medically oriented DCs.

Our expansion is a vital element if we as a profession hope to survive in today's market place.

Please send a donation today to the FCPA. It is easy to do.  Just  click the "FCPA Donations" payment button.  Donations as low as $20 really help.

Then please send a note to myfcpa@gmail.com to let us know of your donation.

Thanks in advance

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FCPA Lobby Donations:

Your donations not only help pay for Ron, but they show all Florida DCs that the FCPA is here to get the job done.  Perhaps DCs from other Florida associations will join us in advancing their laws.

For our first challenge we want to get back what we had years ago; the right to injectable nutrients with no restriction of the route of entry.   
Let's all join together and do it!!!! 

Send all checks to:

5721 Padgett Circle
Orlando, FL 32839

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Lobbyist donations are not tax deductible 

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Note: Lobbyist donations are not tax deductible.

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Florida Independent Medical Review

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International College of Health Sciences

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Florida Independent Medical Review

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L-R: Clifton Bethel, Ron Watson, Alan Dinehart and Rod Lacy

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