​Some states only allow 8 hours per day of instruction. It is your responsibility to check your state rules.​

At the seminar: Upon completion of the hours you have to fill out the CE Voucher form, hand it over at the registration desk.  

 In order to report your hours accurately and to receive confirmation from the University, please be sure that your address is current and can be used as the standard USPS format.  Please refrain from using all caps when filling out the form. 

To remit your Seminar Payment for December 2017

titled "Vit C is Vit C" please visit


Fee December 2017 CE Seminar

Please do not use autofill when completing the form

All "Free" Seminar Attendees will need to pay a $75.00 processing fee if they wish to receive credits for the classes taken. The CEUs processing fee is included in all paying attendee's prices. 


Please REGISTER first and submit the form before making the payment