In order to report your hours accurately and to receive confirmation from the University, please be sure that your address is current and can be used as the standard USPS format.  Please refrain from using all caps when filling out the form. 

Membership is always free for all out of state DCs. 

Out of State dues are voluntary and much appreciated.

Please REGISTER first and submit the form before making the payment

Please do not use autofill when completing the form

To register for membership or for any seminar you need to fill out the form on the left and be sure the box is checked as to which applies to you.  

All "Free" Seminar Attendees will need to pay a $75.00 processing fee if they wish to receive credits for the classes taken. The CEUs processing fee is included in all paying attendee's prices. 


Please note the FCPA Nationwide Summer 2017 CE Seminar offers up to 28 CE Credits in the state of FL: 10 hours on Friday, 10 hours on Saturday and 8 hours on Sunday.

​Some states only allow 8 hours per day of instruction. It is your responsibility to check your state rules.​

At the seminar: Upon completion of the hours you have to fill out the CE Voucher form, hand it over at the registration desk.  

Outstanding Seminar Fee March 4th - 5th, 2017 in Tampa




Orlando Nationwide CE Seminar August 11th - 13th, 2017

  Seminar Fees Payment Buttons

FCPA New Member/1st Time Seminar Attendee DC  $99

FCPA Member Up-to Date 2017 Dues DC                 $165

FCPA Member Unpaid 2017 Dues                             $205

Out of State DC                                                          $140

FCPA Non-Member DC                                             $225

Retired DC requires credits                                       $140

CCPA                                                                             $75

10 Credit or Less                                                         $125

Office Staff                                                                                              FREE

1st year Florida Licensee (First License New graduate Only)                        FREE 

CCPAs, Staff Free (unless require CE credits) , 

Free to any DC, CPAs, LMTs , retired , not needing credits

Free for anyone affiliated to a DC office wanting to learn, 

Free to walk through our vendor area with a badge 
All attendees must register free of not

If you want to pay by check please make it payable to: FCPA

mailing address:  5721 Padgett Circle, Orlando, FL 32839
Note: Please let us know when you send a check